Venue and Transportation

The conference will begin with registration and an informal reception on 16 September. The registration desk will be open from 17:30 at the food court near Keyaki Kaikan at Nishi Chiba Campus of Chiba University. For those unable to arrive in Chiba on that day, the registration desk will be open again on 17 September from 8:30 to 11:10 am at the entrance of Keyaki Kaikan.

The conference venue will be Keyaki Kaikan. Please refer to the following pages for venue location and transport information:
Access to Nishi-Chiba Campus
Nishi-Chiba Campus

Nishi-Chiba Station (JR East) is the closest station to the campus. It is a 2-minute walk from Nishi-Chiba Station to the south gate of Nishi Chiba Campus. We will put up some information boards near the south gate.

The venue for the Gala Dinner (starting at 19:15 on 17 September) is the Keisei Hotel Miramare.

Chartered buses will take us to the Gala Dinner venue. Please gather at the main campus gate at 18:30.